A photograph of Sughra Banga, a successful entrepreneur in Dubai's real estate industry. She exudes confidence and determination, standing in a modern urban setting that represents the thriving city of Dubai. The image captures her passion for real estate, reflecting her dedication to helping clients find their dream homes and her entrepreneurial spirit.

Sughra Banga: Shaping Dubai’s Real Estate Landscape

Amidst the dazzling expanse of Dubai’s towering skyscrapers, the name Sughra Banga stands out just the same. She is the founder and CEO of Houston Properties LLC, a brand synonymous with crafting not just houses, but homes where memories flourish.

Sughra’s entrepreneurial journey speaks a tale of unyielding dedication, and a profound love for her craft that has steered her from a commerce graduate to a formidable presence in Dubai’s thriving real estate industry.

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Illuminating the Literary World: Arab Women Pioneering Translation

Omani writer Jokha Alharthi made history by becoming the first Arab woman to win the Booker International Prize in 2019 for her novel “Celestial Bodies,” masterfully translated into English by Marilyn Booth. Alharthi has contributed significantly to Arabic literature, with three novels, two collections of short stories, and other works that have been translated into … Read more

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Empowering Women in Tech Hubs: Fostering a New Wave of Female Entrepreneurs

In the realm of entrepreneurship, the presence of equal numbers of female and male entrepreneurs could potentially elevate the global gross domestic product from $2.5 trillion to a staggering $5 trillion, as highlighted in a September 2023 report by the Boston Consulting Group. The Middle East has seized upon this economic potential by establishing a … Read more

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Empowering Middle Eastern Women Entrepreneurs: Breaking Barriers and Forging Success

When Elissa Freiha, an Emirati-Lebanese entrepreneur, relocated to Dubai in 2013, her initial plan was to open a bakery. However, conversations with her fellow female entrepreneur friends revealed a different path fraught with challenges.Her friends were grappling with the scarcity of investors, a common predicament for many female entrepreneurs in the Middle East. Recognizing an … Read more

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