The Rise of Poppy Owen: From Makeup Artist to Global Business Mentor

Poppy Owen, an entrepreneur by design, saw an opportunity in the education field and decided to embrace it to empower thousands of people worldwide, and now, she is a global multi-six-figure business mentor on her way to building one of the largest empires on the field. 

Around 8 years ago, while still living in the UK Poppy decided to start a career as a makeup artist. At 23 years old at the time, her business became so successful in such a short time that she ended up being completely booked. The story repeated itself 2 years later when she decided to become a makeup educator, giving lessons on how to become a makeup artist and again, shortly after she got fully booked. 

That’s when, 3 years later after starting working as a makeup artist and running her own marketing company, Poppy decided to scale up her business and launched her own Hair & Makeup Academy and Salon as a way to overcome the increase of demand for her lessons. 

A few years later, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and she got pregnant with her daughter, she had to be innovative and had to come up with a creative solution to keep providing her educational services at the same quality and level of experience as she used to deliver during the in-person lessons. 

To accomplish that goal, Poppy built an online platform in which she could keep giving lessons in a secure setting, to a broader number of people. As expected from her, this approach was very successful, being able to generate £10 000 (50 000 Dhs) in monthly revenue. 

She also built a Makeup Brush Company from scratch and later sold the business in 2022 to a TikTok influencer. In 2021, Poppy Owen was already a very established name in the business world and it was when she decided to start sharing all of her knowledge and experience as an entrepreneur with everybody and, to continue her journey as an educator, Poppy started providing mentorship to service-based business owners, she started offering services as a business mentor. This decision turned out to be fantastic, the quality of her mentorship sessions was so immense to the point her business grew organically in the first month, generating £24 000 (≈ 80 000 Dhs). 

The ability to work from home as a mentor, gave Poppy the flexibility and freedom to literally work from wherever she wanted and, when she had her second daughter in 2022, Poppy and her family decided to move to Dubai.

Poppy’s current mission is very clear: help others generate wealth and conquer their dreams, offering tools and a framework very well designed and structured for visionary business leaders who want to unlock the next chapter of their journey as entrepreneurs and move their business online, working from anywhere and growing their wealth.

Her quest to empower and inspire more and more women around the globe is just starting, as she continues to work on expanding her brand and building a legacy that is going to revolutionize the current standards of the education industry.

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